About us

The LAW OFFICE MAVROS was founded in 1895 by Spiridon D. Mavros who started practicing law at first in Nafplio and later on in Athens. The year 1904 has been a turning point in his career as he assumes his functions as a judge. He reached the Supreme Court of which he is appointed Vice-President in 1935. His son Dimitrios S. Mavros succeeded him and practiced law from 1934 to 1982. In 1969 he decided to merge his law office with the one owned by Ioannis C. Anastasopoulos. Later on, under the management of Spyros D. Mavros and Antiope-Anna Anastasopoulou-Mavros the broadening of the interests of the law office has been successful, following the embodiment, of young and competent lawyers. After more than a century, finally in 2003, the LAW FIRM by the name S.D. MAVROS AND PARTNERS has gained its present legal appearance. S.D. MAVROS AND PARTNERS is currently composed of 6 partners, associates and trainees, as well as a administrative employees.

S.D. MAVROS AND PARTNERS is a law firm that offers its services not only in Greece but also to cliental abroad, mainly in Europe and the North America.

Being aware of the constant changes in the business world and the phenomenon of globalization that affects all business activities nowadays, our Law Firm has been admitted lately in LEXICOM, a network of independent commercial law firms based mainly in Europe who have grouped together so as to enhance their legal services to their clients.

Moreover and in order to provide full services to its clients, S.D. MAVROS AND PARTNERS has its own network of specialized professionals such as auditors accountants, supervisors notaries. S.D. MAVROS AND PARTNERS is organized in such a way to cover all areas of law, emphasizing in corporate, civil and business law, due to the vast number of Greek and international companies to which we offer our services. It also covers a large amount of important cases dealing with public and private works and the construction law in general. Finally S.D. MAVROS AND PARTNERS  has also noticeable activity in the area of Media Law.


Communication languages of the firm are Greek, English and French.